How It Works

Percentage of the transactions will be used to Marketing and Developments along with Buy Backs


Our tokenomics are designed to provide hyper-deflationary transactions on an already low supply


5% per transaction is used for buyback/burn to reduce supply.

Total Supply

1,000,000,000,000 BJ

About Bitcoin & Secure

We present a peer-to-peer method for trading ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. First, we discuss the limitations of blockchain order books and present a viable alternative in peer-to-peer token trading: off-chain negotiation and on-chain settlement. We then describe a protocol that allows parties to signal to others their intent to trade tokens. Once connected, counterparties can freely communicate prices and orders among themselves. During this process, parties may request prices from an independent third-party oracle to ensure accuracy. Finally, we present an Ethereum smart contract for filling orders on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Token Distribution

If an investor is not content with the progress and the results of a given milestone, the dissatisfaction may be expressed after every milestone during the voting process.

Now includes an advanced layer of Ransomware Protection We Bring together Marketplaces & Finance invitation

Road Map

December 2021

Fair Launch on UNI 500 HODLERS


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